About this project

Why then?

I once came across a video in a YouTube recommendation that said something like, "You're not uploading images correctly." I was skeptical of the video, but decided to watch it someday. After a while, when I finally got to it in my long list of development videos, I realized I had saved it to that list for a reason.

This video showed Blurhash technology, which can significantly improve the UX in terms of lazy loading of images.

I shared information about this technology with colleagues at work, and they suggested I add a piece of documentation to our intranet. Then I thought, why not spend some time usefully and make a full-fledged demo project in which you can compare modern image loading methods and also get blurhashes from pictures online.

You can watch it too, it's just below.

Technologies within this project

The code is by Github, feel free to contribute!